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Royalty Regatta 2014 Finish

Castillon Classic

October 2018


On Saturday, October 6th,  12 boats competed for the coveted bottle of rum and title of Champion of the “Castillon Classic Regatta”.



The Ocean Conservation Society, Dr. Maddalena Bearzi, Ph.D.

Guest Speaker Spetember, 7, 2014


On Sunday September 7th, Dr. Bearzi of the Ocean Conservation Society gave a great, informative presentation on the marine mammals in our local waters.  Her presentation covered her group’s research on the whales, dolphins & sea lions that swim the waters of Santa Monica Bay, as well as the Southern California coastline.  She then reviewed some very helpful tips on how we can help protect these animals through proper interaction (maintaining a safe distance) with them.  She also discussed what is considered "harassment" of the animals and the fines involved from harassing the animals.  


Please follow the attached link to learn more about the Ocean Conservation Society and their important efforts.

We also have pamphlets in the club for both boaters and also a kayaker/SUP/Swimmer/Surfer's on proper interaction with these animals.  You can also download them by clicking on the following links:

Boater’s Guide

Kayak/SUP/Swimmer/Surfer’s Guide

Spanish Version


Here is a link to a video of their dolphin survey:


Ocean Conservation Society


Redondo Beach Yacht Club, 210 Yacht Club Way, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. Clubhouse phone: 310.374.4838

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