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Sport Fishing

King Harbor

Early in the 1900s, civic leaders envisioned a protected harbor for Redondo Beach. Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr. filed a master plan to which today’s King Harbor was a close resemblance. From 1917 through 1958, a series of inadequate attempts were made to create a protected harbor. Finally, in 1958, the present King Harbor was started and dedicated on November 19, 1966.

Sport Fishing: News and Updates

A bad day can be made good by a little fishing time.


Redondo Canyon 

 The first and most important was the deep-water Redondo Canyon that sits just outside the entrance to the harbor. The canyon, which drops off to a depth of over 2,000 feet, produces a considerable upwelling much of the year. One result seems to be a funneling of rich nutrients, plankton, baitfish and larger fish (including some deep-water fish) directly into the harbor.


Sport Fishing Catalina

Catalina Island’s many coves and reefs provide an amazing fishing habitat. Within the reefs there are school of bait fish like anchovies, sardine, and mackerel. The bait fish attract larger sport fish like White Sea Bass and Yellowtail. When the waters warm up you may even have a chance to catch Marlin, Bluefin Tuna, or Yellowfin Tuna.

Early fisherman at Catalina Island used heavy lines and could catch an abundant amount of Albacore which were considered inedible and were thrown to the seals. The tuna club was established by Charles Frederick Holder on Catalina Island in 1898. Holder was a respected angler from the east coast that traveled in search for large gamefish. Charles was the first to introduce rod and reel in big game fishing on Catalina Island. Rod and Reel game a fish more of a fighting chance making it more of a sport for some. Charles and his friends established the Tuna Club to promote sportsmanship and conservation on Catalina Island. In 1908 they built a clubhouse that created rules and regulations for fishing. It is one of the most prestigious sport fishing clubs in the world. In 1913, Catalina Island become incorporated as a resort community. Fishing became a popular activity for many visitors. Many boatmen opened businesses for charters to go out in search of the many elusive gamefish that swim in the waters of Catalina Island.

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